Health Ranger denounces Chase bank, Twitter, PayPal for blacklisting Jewish activist Laura Loomer

Full video below, where I call the leaders of the tech giants “fascist pigs” for carrying out coordinated censorship and blacklisting campaigns against the most important independent voices of our time.

As covered today via The Gateway Pundit:

The Republican Party and conservative leaders are AWOL on this issue as the tech giants continue to ban, de-platform and demonetize conservative voices. Conservative activist Laura Loomer was already banned from Twitter months ago. This was after Laura attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar on her own record and beliefs.

A CAIR activist was reportedly behind the silencing of Laura Loomer.

In January Laura Loomer was banned by PayPal.

Democrats are now going after commerce and and incomes of their political opposition.

This is America today. This is like something you would read about in a banana republic.

And today Laura Loomer was blocked from her Chase Bank app.

There is a petition at to restore Laura Loomer’s Paypal account.

Laura Loomer is planning a protest outside of the Twitter headquarters in New York City on Wednesday.

Health Ranger denounces Chase, PayPal, Twitter for blacklisting Laura Loomer due to her dissenting speech

Watch the full video exclusively at Brighteon, since YouTube bans everyone who dares tell the truth:

Bypass censorship:

Use as the alternative to YouTube.

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